Professional Doctorate in Family Health – MPSF – RENASF

The Professional Doctorate in Family Health comes in addition to the initiatives of Fiocruz and other institutions that work in the training of FHS professionals (e.g., Specialization in Family Health, Professional and Academic Masters in Family Health). Its profile is the training of doctors who have research and intervention skills and leadership, capable of coordinating well-structured research, aimed at improving service practices and coordinating multiprofessional and interinstitutional research groups, which result in the development of processes, products, technologies that contribute to health care, management, teaching, promotion and education, strengthening the Unified Health System and promoting equity in the face of complex resolutions of health situations and their social determinants.

The program adopts the concept of curriculum as a social construction and is subsidized by the competence education references, which means the ability to articulate, mobilize and put into practice the values, knowledge and skills necessary for the effective performance of activities required by the nature of the work in the Strategy Family Health, in addition to scientific rigor and criticism in the development of new knowledge. The focus on intervention projects and strategic and technological research for the Family Health area is highlighted, which is one of the characteristics of professional programs.

The doctoral proposal is anchored in the accumulated network experience of participating institutions, with interactions between research centers active in Family Health, consolidation of research groups, production of knowledge, advances in the teaching-service interaction in the Northeast region, whose impact expected is the generation of new processes and behaviors that result in improved health care and promotion, and in the recognition and consolidation of knowledge originated in these practices as an area of ​​research in Family Health.

The institutions that are part of the MPSF and that have postgraduate courses in the health area, with consolidated faculty and adequate infrastructure, will participate: Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz-CE), Federal University of Piauí (UFPI), Federal University of Maranhão (UFMA), Federal University of Ceará (UFC), Vale do Acaraú State University (UVA), Cariri Regional University (URCA), Ceará State University (UECE), Federal University of Paraíba (UFPB) and Universidade Federal of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN). We are aware of the responsibility and the need for continuous improvement of the training process, which will always be supported by assessment and planning processes, taking into account the needs of the area and society, the program’s self-assessment, and the necessary skills to be developed by students to better perform their professional and academic role with society.

DPSF objective: To train researchers, at the doctoral level, with technical-scientific, critical and reflective competence to work in research, teaching and management within the scope of primary health care.

Target audience: Health professionals linked to primary care (teaching, care and or management).

Teaching-learning methods: Active Methodologies.

CAPES approval: approved in 2019

1st DPSF class:

  • Release of selection notice in 2020.2
  • Selection process in 2021.1
  • Start of activities in 2021.2 with 30 doctoral students