Professional Master’s in Family Health – MPSF – RENASF

MPSF Presentation Video – 2019

The proposal of the Professional Master’s in Network is the result of accumulated experiences of cooperation and exchange between the institutions of the Northeast Family Health Training Network (RENASF). With this, the association of institutions in the Northeast of Brazil made it possible to complete the first class (2012-2014) of the Professional Master’s in Family Health (MPSF), with 100 students, divided into 6 core institutions, as well as the second class (2014- 2016) with 130 students, distributed in 9 Nuclear Institutions. In turn, the third class of the master had the entry of 190 students distributed in 9 nucleate, located in five northeastern states (Ceará – CE, Piauí – PI, Maranhão – MA, Pernambuco – PE, Rio Grande do Norte – RN and Paraíba – PB). The fourth class of the MPSF (2020-2022) is being started with 170 master’s students, distributed among the 9 nucleated women mentioned.

The MPSF’s priority is to strengthen the training of professionals in the Family Health Strategy (ESF), encouraging them to remain in the services, using the scientific method and evidence for decision-making and for managing the work process and the Careful. We also seek to strengthen the training of professionals who act with competence for preceptorship, since the health-school systems and the logic of permanent education pose the challenge of monitoring curricular internships in undergraduate, specialization, internship and residency. And, not least, strengthen RENASF’s knowledge production and teaching activities.

Objective of MPSF: Training of professionals in the area of ​​family health to strengthen primary care and training of future professionals in the area.

Target audience: Health professionals who are part of primary care (ESF and NASF).

Teaching-learning methods: Active Methodologies.

CAPES approval: Note 4

Funding: Ministry of Health of Brazil

  • 1st Class – 2012-2014 / 6 nucleate / 100 vacancies / 94 masters
  • 2nd Class – 2014-2016 / 9 nucleate / 130 vacancies / 128 masters
  • 3rd Class – 2017-current / 9 nucleate / 190 vacancies / 178 masters

4th MPSF class:

  • It started its activities in 2020.2
  • 170 master’s students in 9 nucleators (5 states)